✌️ About Me ✌️

How did I get here you ask? I was on a hunt to find a hobby, nothing really kept my interest long. It bothered me so much that my boyfriend found it humorous! 😂One day around the holidays 2021, probably thanks to many Instagram posts and influencers, I decided I wanted to get one of those silly resin kits online.... I'll never forget my first time! Learned real quick, pouring epoxy outside under the beatiful Florida sunshine was a fast track to a bubbling, gurgling, smoking flash cure! 😳😂 I have had many fails along the way, sticky messes (and yes, even in my hair!), spilled resin, flash cures, you name it!!! I began to grow and fell in love mixing art!!! 

Take a look around! You will find attitude keychains, special adult items, beach decor, weed ashtrays and accessories! This list keeps growing! Hand crafted resin tables coming soon!