Upcycled Fan Blades

Upcycled Fan Blades

🌟 I'M BACK! 🌟

Goodbye, 2023! We've bid farewell to Tampa and relocated closer to family, now soaking up the beauty of Florida's "Forgotten Coast" and its breathtaking beaches! It's been an absolute dream! This mermaid is thrilled to be amidst the seashells, driftwood, urchins, and starfish along these pristine shores. (If you're following my adventures on Facebook or Instagram, you might have caught my video of stumbling upon a starfish graveyard after a hard freeze – rest assured, no sea life is ever harmed in my discoveries!).

I'm always on the lookout for new canvases, and this time, old fan blades caught my eye! After a bit of creative chaos, I emerged with a stunning piece of beach art: "Starfish on Fan Blade."


This unique creation marks a first in my artistic journey, with two more similar pieces already in progress for the week! They'll be ready and waiting to be admired and acquired next Saturday at the Mexico Beach Gumbo Cook Off – my very first craft market appearance! I'll be joining forces with a dear friend showcasing her handcrafted sea glass jewelry. We're excited to connect with you there! ✌️

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