Miracle on 34th ST, PT2

Miracle on 34th ST, PT2

Hurricane Michael, October 9, 2018

Michael is a local name that will forever hit a certain way. Will forever make stomachs twist, and make emotions swell like ocean. Michael destroyed EVERYTHING in his path. He made sure that he left his mark. The extent of the damage can be viewed here by a video shared by the Washing Post.


I had just become acquainted with my boyfriend's family, and over the years I learned just what Mexico Beach means! It's not just a beach. It's memories, family, weekend getaways, family holidays and vacations, community, and so much more! And not to mention how BEAUTIFUL the sand and water is!!! And the shelling! Oh how we love shelling every time we go! But, when Michael hit, it was a scramble to prep the best you could. Little did anyone know that there would be almost nothing left. 4 years later, the city is healing, and quite quickly! This sign in particular was made in honor of the memories past, present, and future! I'm super excited for all the future memories to be made!!!!


This has been my favorite piece yet! 


December 28, 2022

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